Long-distance Moves Made Simple

  • The Ultimate Guide To Packing Framed Art To Minimize Damage

    19 December 2019

    Whenever you move, you risk damaging your things. Knowing how to pack art the correct way, however, can minimize that risk. If you have framed art to pack, these tips can help. Snap a Picture As you gather your art into one location to prep it for packing and moving, take a picture of each piece. If there is damage to the artwork itself or to the surrounding framing, you will have proof for the insurance company of what it looked like before transport.

  • Storing Older Kids' Stuff To Make Room In The House

    25 July 2019

    As a parent, you've probably come to realize that kids take up a lot of space! How do you manage to find the space for all of the things that kids need and want? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you utilize a storage unit for your kids' overflow of stuff in the home. Toys Toys can take up a majority of space in your home, but when you spend so much money on them, you want the kids to use them as much as possible before passing them on, selling them, or throwing them away.