Long-distance Moves Made Simple

Extra Services Moving Companies Provide

by Stanley Lynch

If you intend on moving to a new home, you probably need to hire a moving company to assist with the process. In addition to the transport of personal belongings, moving companies also provide an array of additional services. Here are a few extras to consider to aid in making your move easy.

Packing Services

If you do not have the time to package up each and every item you want to move, select a moving company that provides packing services in addition to transport procedures. The moving service workers take on the task of coming to your home to protect each item in need of special care before it is brought out to the moving truck. The materials used to package your belongings are provided by the moving service. Adding this amenity to the moving process frees up your time to attend to other tasks that need to be completed.

Disassembly And Reassembly Services

If you have big pieces of furniture to move, they will take up quite a bit of room inside a moving truck. Taking furniture apart beforehand helps to keep it from becoming damaged and allows for rented space in a moving truck to be used for additional items. Some moving companies provide the service of taking apart your furniture before it is protected with coverings. When the furniture arrives at your new home, the moving service brings it inside and reassembles it so it can be positioned in rooms as you specify. This is a wonderful add-on feature for those who want to pack as much as possible into a moving truck to be transported.

Auto Relocation Services

Not all moving companies offer auto relocation services. If you need to move a vehicle along with the contents of your home, consider hiring a moving service that allows the vehicle to be placed in a moving truck along with your personal items. This saves money as you do not need to hire a tow truck or flatbed driver to move the vehicle for you. Instead, all your prized possessions are safely tucked away in one location to be brought to your new home.

Moving Specialty Belongings

If you own expensive, antique, or treasured items, you want to keep them as safe as possible when they are not in view during a move. Some moving companies go above and beyond when it comes to transporting these important pieces. This includes placing them in their own chamber within a moving truck or having them transported in their own vehicle altogether. Insurance is provided to ensure these pieces are completely covered while in the presence of a moving service. 

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