Long-distance Moves Made Simple

  • 3 Costly Reasons Why Moving Services Are Better Than Doing It Yourself

    2 November 2020

    Moving house is a life experience that combines stress and excitement. The prospect of moving to a new home is exciting, but there is plenty of stress getting yourself and your belongings relocated. Moving house is also expensive, and it is tempting to turn the task into a do-it-yourself project to save on the cost of using moving services. However, while it may save you money on moving day, in the long-term it costs you more and here are three reasons why.

  • 3 Major Advantages Of Using A Freight Forwarder When Shipping Goods Internationally

    26 May 2020

    If your business ships a lot of international goods to various locations across the globe, then it's a good idea to work with a freight forwarder. They can help with this shipping in a lot of impactful ways.  Save You Money It's very important to save any money you can when shipping a lot of goods across the world. Freight forwarders make this possible because they can negotiate on your behalf with shipping companies.