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Storing Older Kids' Stuff To Make Room In The House

by Stanley Lynch

As a parent, you've probably come to realize that kids take up a lot of space! How do you manage to find the space for all of the things that kids need and want? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you utilize a storage unit for your kids' overflow of stuff in the home.


Toys can take up a majority of space in your home, but when you spend so much money on them, you want the kids to use them as much as possible before passing them on, selling them, or throwing them away.

If you have toys that the older kids have outgrown, but that the younger kids haven't yet grown into, it's time to box them up and move them into a storage unit.

Prior to boxing toys up for long-term storage, there are two things that need to be done – you must clean them, and you have got to remove the batteries. Yes, it can be a pain to sit there and clean them and remove all of those tiny screws to pull the batteries out, but if you allow them to go into storage the way that they are, they could end up discolored with battery compartments that are filled with acid and are now ruined.


Kids grow out of clothing way too fast to always be buying new for the younger kids. When you have clothes that the older kids have outgrown, move it all out of the house. One thing that will be very helpful in storing large lots of clothing is using storage bags that allow you to suck all of the air out of with your vacuum. These bags make it possible to store mountains of clothes in just a single box – just remember, the size may be small after you've sucked the air out of it, but it will still be heavy.

Seasonal Gear

Winter and summer have their own grouping of supplies needed for outside entertainment. Instead of trying to cram all seasons of gear into the garage or shed, move the opposite season's gear into the storage unit. This will free up quite a bit of space in your garage, and maybe you'll actually be able to park your car in it after a long day at work.

Just removing these three categories of stuff from your home will free up a lot of space. Get started today, and by this time next week, you might feel as if you've moved into a different home. Contact a local storage rental company like Bill King Moving to learn more.