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5 Tips For Packing Up Your Young Child's Room

by Stanley Lynch

When your child is really young, packing up their room is a task that largely falls on you as the parent.

#1 Pack Your Child's Room Last

Young children thrive on consistency and routine, so try to keep your child's room in-tact as long as possible. Your child's room should be one of the last rooms that you pack up in your house so that your child can have the consistency of having their space stay the same as you pack up the rest of your home. You want to make the move as easy on your child as possible, and this is one way to do so.

#2 Go Through Your Child's Room

Just because your child's room will be one of the last rooms you pack doesn't mean you can't start preparing your child's room to be packed. Go through your child's clothing and donate or give away clothing that is too small for your child that you don't want to pass down to your own family.

Young children develop at rapid rates. Clean up and donate any toys that your child no longer plays with because they have outgrown them. For example, if your child is in the toddler stage, they no longer need toys designed for an infant.

#3 Clean Your Child's Room

After that, spend some time cleaning up your child's room. Wash and disinfect all of your child's toys. Clean the inside of your child's toy box, dresser, and nightstand to remove all crumbs and dirt.

The outside of your children's furniture can easily get covered with little dirty fingerprints and smudges from your child. Be sure to clean off the outside of your furniture. You should be able to just use a simple cleaning wipe to clean your kid's furniture.

#4 Pack an Essentials Box

When you start packing up your child's room, first pack up an essentials box. This will be the first box that you open when you get to your new home. It should include items your child will need, such as clothing and bedding, and a few items that will help your child feel comfortable in their new room, such as a few of their favorite toys or decorations that you can put up right away to help your child accumulate to their new space.

#5 Be Sure to Use Padding

As you work on packing up your child's toys and belongings, be sure to use padding. Your child's bedroom decorations should be wrapped up with moving paper or bubble wrap just like other decorations would be. Use padding when packing up your kid's toys as well, so they don't rattle around. Be sure to accurately label each box to make unpacking your child's room an easier task.

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