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3 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Valuable Things While They Are In Storage

by Stanley Lynch

Storage units are a great place to store your things when you don't have the space for everything. For example, many people get a unit not only when they are moving, but also when they are established in a house and they just need to free up some space. If you are storing valuable things in a storage unit, you need to be sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your items and keep them secure. Here are some ideas.

1. Keep Valuable Things In The Back

One thing that is simple to do is change the way you organize all of your items. For example, you should always put the most valuable things in the back and where they are less visible and hard to access. That way if someone does break into your unit, they won't be able to see all of the valuable things you own. In addition, if you make the valuable items hard to get to, the vandals will be less likely to go through all the effort of unloading the whole unit to get to them. In fact, they are probably worried about the speed of the theft, so taking too long won't even be an option. Thus, keep things that are of less interest toward the front and the valuables hidden in the back.

2. Don't Open The Unit With Other People Around

Another simple thing you can do is control the times when you open the unit. If there are other people loading or unloading a unit next to you, take a walk or drive around the block and wait for them to leave. If you see a car strolling through the units, avoid opening yours. This will be the best way to protect your unit, since it won't advertise what you have and make your unit a target or a place of interest.

3. Change The Code and Time You Go Often

Lastly, don't have a predictable schedule or code that you use. If vandals know that you come and check on your unit once a week at a certain time, they will likely avoid those times, or go at a time right after you were there since they know it won't be checked on for a long time. If you come at random times, it will be less likely for them to find a good time to rob you.

Second, always have additional locks on the unit and change the code up. That way no one will be able to predict what the code is.

By doing these things, you can protect your valuable things while in storage. And for more information and tips on securing your storage unit, contact a local storage facility, such as Sweetwater Springs Self Storage.