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3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Items Safe While In Storage

by Stanley Lynch

Using a private storage unit is a great way to store your belongings, keep them safe, and free up some room in your house. Storage units are not just for people who are moving locations and need a place to store their belongings; many people choose to keep a storage unit at all times so that they have room in their home. If you choose to use a storage unit, there are some things that you should do to make sure that your items are safe. Here are some suggestions.

1. Keep Anything Valuable Off The Ground

One of the first rules of storing things is that you should keep anything of value propped off the ground. The reason for this is when your items are on the floor, they are more susceptible to moisture and don't have enough air passing through them. For example, if you have boxes full of expensive antiques and they are left on the ground for a long period of time, they are likely to start rotting. If the box is propped up even on a crate or something to let the air pass through, it will allow air to circulate and protect the items.

Second, while floods are not common in storage units, that doesn't mean that they don't happen. When you keep things off the ground, a spill or mild flood won't damage your things. This is why it is suggested that you get crates and keep a nice airflow under all of your belongings.

2. Don't Load and Unload While People Are Around

Even though there are security measures at the units, you can do things to protect yourself and your things. One way to do this is to make sure that you don't load or unload your unit while other people are around. Wait until visitors and strangers are gone before you open the unit. If people see you loading in valuable things you will create a target on your unit.

Additionally, if you have a special code or lock on the unit, you don't want people watching you open it, since that can make it easier for them to break in.

3. Get The Better Unit

If possible, you should rent the better unit that is climate controlled and with better security. It might only be a difference of a little bit of money each month, but it will protect your valuable items and ensure that your things are safe.

By doing these things, you can protect your items while in public storage