Long-distance Moves Made Simple

Four Things To Do The Night Before Your Move

by Stanley Lynch

The night before you move to a new home can be an anxious time. You may still have some last-minute packing to do, and you might feel like you're forgetting something. Here are some last-minute moving tips you can use the night before to help the moving process go a bit more smoothly.

Prep Appliances

Ideally, you won't need to use your major appliances after dinner the night before your move, so this is your opportunity to prep your appliances for the moving company. Turn off and unplug your refrigerator, and take the time to clear out any food items left. You should have spend the days and weeks before the move whittling down your refrigerated food supply so you don't have to move bottles of ketchup and cartons of milk. Open the dishwasher door and the door to your washer machine to prevent mold growth. If you have a microwave to bring with you, take this opportunity to clean the interior and tape the door shut.

Bring Patio Furniture Inside

Bringing your patio furniture inside the night before your move will help ensure that each piece is dry and ready to be loaded onto the moving truck. Early morning dew or overnight rain can leave the surfaces of your furniture wet, which can also cause the other items in the moving truck to become damp as well. Place the furniture on a hard flooring surface, such as your kitchen, and wipe each piece down before wrapping it for the move. You should also consider bringing any potted plants indoors to prep them for the move as well.

Head To The Bank

There are a host of reasons why you might need cash on moving day, from tipping the moving crew to paying for pizza delivery. Consider heading to the bank on your way home from work to withdraw money, and take this opportunity to make sure that the bank has received your change of address information. If not, you can fill out a form while you are inside your local branch.

Check Labels On Boxes And Furniture

Take a few minutes to go through the boxes and furniture in each room to make sure that they are labeled appropriately. Use color-coded stickers to identify items that will be left in the home, such as appliances, and make a list of items that might require special attention when the movers arrive. This list might include instructions to set up beds and cribs in the home first or to send certain items to a storage facility.

Consider making a checklist of things you have left to do a few days before the move, and go over it the night before the local moving company arrives. This can prevent you from forgetting essential tasks you'll need to complete for your move.